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> Final questions. Why did they have to developed the ZZ since they
> still possess Zeta? and did Kamiyu ever got to fight in the series?

The AEUG won the battles but lost the war -- both the EUG and AEUG were so
weakened that Axis was able to move in and establish Neo Zeon. The ZZ was
needed because Neo Zeon was fielding new and more powerful MS that negated the
Zeta's advantages.

That's the "official" answer. The "unofficial" answer is that Gundam ZZ was the
first Gundam TV series to follow another back-to-back and furthermore the only
direct sequel to do so, literally picking up where Z Gundam left off. New
series, new Gundam -- this is where it all started, in the Z/ZZ revival of
Gundam, five years after the original series went off the air, a failure,
curtailed at 43 episodes out of a projected 52. Just as the Gundam Mk-II was
used for the first 20 episodes of Z Gundam before the MSZ-006 Zeta appeared in
Episode 21, the Zeta was used for the first 10 episodes of Gundam ZZ before the
MSZ-010 ZZ appeared in Episode 11.

Z Gundam must hold some kind of record for holding out on the audience. How
many American shows don't introduce the entity for which they're named until
nearly halfway through the run? And all that time, you get tantalizing glimpses
of the transforming MS in the OP and ED credits!

Gundam ZZ was also the first Gundam series to feature multiple Gundams working
together. The Gundam Team consisted of the ZZ, the Z and the Mk-II fighting as
an All-Gundam Squadron, albeit never in true unison, like the Black Trinary's
Jet Stream Attack in the original series.


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