Winn Sevilla (
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 00:37:32 +0800

Just got it! lucky. I was browsing around the shops when i suddenly
noticed something that wasn't supposed to be there...
I was expecting the RX-178 to arrive next year... but to my surprise,
it's here.

Well, it's nice and got lots of details... articulation's pretty nice
too. perfect to be exact. Plus, skirt armor articulations! very nice...
bandai really did a nice touch... you can actually move it! A very first
in gundam msias. The backpack's verniers can be moved! unlike the G-2 or
the GMs toy can move it around and pose it any way you'd like.
(NOTE: No popping hands or feet!)

Whats soo good about this baby is that it's got weapons like from the
MG. but somewhat, the rifle and the shield looks kinda "thick". The
shield is cool, dang, it can be removed and reconnected again to look
like it folds! You can even turn it around to any way you like... The
beam saber's connected to the backpack can be removed and connected to
the beam saber. Very nice.

Overall? it rocks. For a gundam msia, it's a "perfect cell". Guess
bandai made up for it's mistakes on the rx-78, gm and the zeta. Buy it.
You wont regret it. I even prefer it over the champion MSiA in my
cabinet, the Zeta.

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