Tue, 26 Dec 2000 08:39:22 EST

Picked up the MG EZ-8 recently, and while I must say that the engineering of
the kit has impressed me (and we are talking almost NO seam lines) I have
found a few flaws. I was wondering if others have had similar experiences
with the kit.

1. The "hip joint" pieces that the connect the legs to the torso are made of
brittle plastic. I didn't even drop the model, and it broke. In fact I had
just put it on the shelf.

2. The feet/legs are, suprisingly, rather unposeable, when compared to the
amazing arms. The feet are totally unposeable. I thought that poseable feet
were a given with all of the current MG level kits.

Other then those complaints, it truely is a great kit. Definately one of the
best Federation kits. Almost as perfect as the MG Dom.


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