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> Only the Gelgoog JG.. The other Gelgoogs look stupid and dorky... Id prefer
> the gouf or a Dom... I think the MK2 would still rule..You could also make a
> Type100 out of the same frame...
> Non G kits I would like to see PG'ed..
> The Kugai from Gasaraki... Way cool..
> The Escaflowne... Naturally..
> The Sirbine (not dunbine) from aura fantasm.
> Scopedog from Votoms..
> The Big0.
> The Swordfish2..That would be WAY COOL in PG scale.. A 1/24 or 1/35 would be
> beautiful!
> The Led Mirage in 1/60 scale... It would be an interesting work if Bandai
> could get the license..

I would love a PG quality fully transforming SDF-1. I am not saying I want
it in 1/60 scale though, not enough room in my closet for that. :P

But it would be nice to have a PG Valkyrie as well...


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