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Well in SRW series it came with only 4 weapons(forgot what it carried in GGenreation 0 & F) arranged according to its default strengths (from weakest to strongest):

Beam Saber
Beam Rifle wrote:

>well, i don't have a scanner, but i'll try to get a
>pic for you guys. i'm starting to doubt myself too,
>but it seems weird for the Alex to have two beam
>rifles don't you think? the rifle i've seen is in the
>alex 1/144 model manual. anyone else who has the kit
>will be able to confirm it.
>You know what? the alex is such an obscure suit that
>anything about it is arguable.
>--- Loran Seakku <> wrote:
>> >both model kits have only the shell firing rifle.
>> beam
>> >rifle looks similar to the rx-78-2's rifle and
>> >features e-cap rather than e-pac.
>> Well, where is a picture of it? I've only seen
>> pictures of what claims to
>> be the beam rifle from all sources. If that's not
>> his Beam Rifle, then
>> what is? Where have you seen it?
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