Brandon Perlow (
Mon, 25 Dec 2000 22:54:26 +0000

Yeah with the stupid bowl looking skirts..A bad design is a bad design no
matter how long ago it was made..The gundam is a classic. The gelgoog was a
clumsy design untill Izubuchi fixed it. The zaku was good , but the fz was
better...I just dont Like the Gelgoog except for the JG.. Even the Marine
looks crappy compared to the JG IMHO... Ive never liked the gelgoog.. Its
never looked impressive in plastic... It looks bad in 2d, and 3d... The
Gouf is much nicer looking MS..

Loran Seakku wrote:

> >Only the Gelgoog JG.. The other Gelgoogs look stupid and dorky...
> how could you say they look stupid and dorky? That's just the way those
> old MSs looked. I like the old Gelgoogs as much as the JG.
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