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> From what i recall from various sites & games, Gremmi Toto(トト=グレミ)
> was a subordinate of Haman which separated from the NeoJions and
> established another faction later in the ZZ storyline. Responsible for
> the creation of Pru (プル) and death by sending Pru 2 (プル ツウ) to
> assasinate her. IIRC his main mech is the Queen Mantha (クイン マンサ)

(Whole lotta spoilers, but as if anybody would care :-)

Nah, he piloted a Gaza-C at first (he was under Mashmar at the time), then
he had a Bawoo (the bright orange colour scheme you see in the HGUC and
1/144). When he usurps control of Axis and creates his own faction, he
doesn't pilot all that much anymore. He was seen commanding the desert
"Blue Team" and the Sandora (or was it the Mindora? I can never remember
which one's which) He seemed to have "good" leadership skills, why was he
put in the MS corps in the first place?

Puru Two piloted the Queen Mantha under Gremmi's instruction. Though it
doesn't say so in the TV series, I suspect he is not a Newtype. (Otherwise
in true Zeon fashion he would have commandeered it himself. Also, he
doesn't seem to have any of the "flashy tricks" that the Newtypes seem to
have in ZZ)

Puru was created before Hamaan gave control of the Newtype Corps to Gremmi,
so even though he is seen babysitting Puru, I don't think he created Puru.

He also thinks he has Zabi blood, which is what prompts him to usurp power
in the first place.

The last thing is, Gremmi didn't send Puru Two to get rid of Puru. He sent
Puru Two to get rid of Judo (and probably the rest of the Ahgama crew), and
Puru sacrificed herself (using "Newtype Aura") to 1) temporarily stun Puru
Two (the whole speech about how Puru and Puru Two are one and the same) and
2) power up Judo's ZZ so that he can get the final licks in.

Of course this was probably too much information.

Jonathan Ng

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