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>In the original Gundam, there was no linear seat or all-range monitor -- the
>pilot had only a half dozen monitors set on on an overhead ring for views
>outside the cockpit and a targetting viewer on a pantographic arm, much like
>that used in the Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighters in Star Wars, not the
>view in all directions.

The monitors used by the RX-79 (G) seem to be this type.

>I don't recall ever seeing shoulder-mounted cameras pointed out in any
>illustrations, but that doesn't mean I never saw it, only that I don't recall
>one way or the other.

Hm, interesting.

Actually, we were discussing whether or not the panoramic cockpit could be
used with a Core Fighter cockpit. RX-78-2 definitely didn't have one
(technology back then.) GP01 doesn't seem to have one, don't remember if
the ZZ or Victory had one.

Jonathan Ng

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