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> yep yep yep. care to comment about the camera thing
> to?

I'm afraid I've forgotten the question, but I'll cover what we know about the
cameras on the Gundam and GM and maybe that'll answer the question.

Various sources, including a number of MG model manuals, indicate that the main
camera for the Gundam and GM is in the crest of the head, sometimes called the
"mohawk" by American fans -- it's the green square in the front. If you look at
the back of the head, you'll see a smaller green square at the rear end of the
crest -- the main camera scans both ahead and behind, so the Gundam and GM
literally have eyes in the backs of their heads.

The two "eyes" in the face -- the GM is also binocular, as shown in Blue
Destiny, where you can see two "eyes" shining through the red goggle -- are
secondary cameras used for targetting at close range, as with the head-mounted
Vulcans. The "gun sight" is the Gundam's beam rifle extends the range of the
targetting cameras to match the range of the rifle.

In the original Gundam, there was no linear seat or all-range monitor -- the
pilot had only a half dozen monitors set on on an overhead ring for views
outside the cockpit and a targetting viewer on a pantographic arm, much like
that used in the Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighters in Star Wars, not the panoramic
view in all directions. This was introduced in Z Gundam, then retconned to
Gundam 0080 and Gundam 0083. That being said, there were "peripheral" side
views through the overhead monitors from the beginning, suggesting side-facing
cameras in the shoulders.

I don't recall ever seeing shoulder-mounted cameras pointed out in any
illustrations, but that doesn't mean I never saw it, only that I don't recall
one way or the other.


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