Mon, 25 Dec 2000 21:51:33 EST

No, it's clearly stated as a beam rifle in sources such as MS Encyclopedia
98 and both kit manuals. While I and others has given offcial sources, all
you have cited the the similarities in design. When in fact the GM custom and
the Alex are designed by different people for different shows(Katoki for
0083, Izhubuchi for 0080), not to mention the fact that the Alex predates the
GM custom by 3 years in the storyline.

> trust what you want. i don't think i'm wrong on this
> one. i can't be. other wise the alex would have two
> (2) (dos) beam rifles, one looks suspiciously like a
> shell rifle with the nose so similar to the other
> shell rifles of the time. besides, MG manuals aren't
> always right. In the MG GM manual, it says that up to
> 600 GM's participated in the taking of A Baoa Qu while
> only 400 something participated as stated in a gundam

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