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trust what you want. i don't think i'm wrong on this
one. i can't be. other wise the alex would have two
(2) (dos) beam rifles, one looks suspiciously like a
shell rifle with the nose so similar to the other
shell rifles of the time. besides, MG manuals aren't
always right. In the MG GM manual, it says that up to
600 GM's participated in the taking of A Baoa Qu while
only 400 something participated as stated in a gundam
--- wrote:
> Hmm, I think I'll trust the MG kit manual which
> clearly shows the rifle with
> the labeling of "beam rifle" above it.
> > trust me. those rifles are shell firing. look at
> the
> > rifles from the GM's from that time. they all have
> the
> > similar nose for the shell firing weapons. i can't
> > stress this enough: The models don't come with a
> beam
> >

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