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find the oav and watch it. it's great...
in the show, the shield and rifle never showed up. in
the 1/144 model manual, the regular shell firing rifle
has a clip. the beam rifle has ecap just like the
first gundam, not e-pac. clip is different. the rifle
you've seen is the shell firing one
--- Loran Seakku <> wrote:
> I haven't seen Gundam 0080 yet, but I have some
> question about Gundam
> Alex's equipment. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but
> does the Alex ever use
> the Beam Rifle and Shield from the 1/144 and 1/100
> MG models? I read on
> Newtype asylum that in the OAV, the Alex never uses
> the rifle and shield,
> and these were just added with the models since in
> the show it only used
> the forearm gattlings and stuff. Is that so? And
> also, mechadomain says
> that the Alex's rifle is powered by an energy cap,
> but the model looks
> like it has a clip. Are energy caps and clips the
> same thing? (Oy, that
> sounds SO newbie...)
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