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with all due respect in all the christmas songs, i'd like to dedicate
to the poor girl Minerva Zabi of zeta gundam.
*get the song... you'll understand it much better.
due to the thought of being kicked out my mark,
pull back on the supposed words...

By Minerva Zabi, Puru 1 & 2.
adapted from "Uncle F_cka" from the South Park the Movie.
*Puru 1 & 2*
I'll kick your friggin face uncle cassa...
You're the vengin' zabi killin' uncle cassa..

You're her uncle cassa yeah its true
Nobody kills zabis just like you...

Shove ya friggin face uncle cassa...
You're the one who fragged my uncles' uncle cassa...

You'd sweep and creep inside the zeong
And shoot the gundam all say long!


*Haman(bursts in*
 "whats goin on here???"

*Minerva, Puru 1 & 2*
Shoot your friggin face uncle cassa...
You're a vengeance swearin' bastard uncle cassa...
You're my uncle cassa i must say,
But u fragged my homies yesterday!
Uncle cassa...
Thats u-n-c-l-e damn you!
uncle casaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

Ohmigosh! i killed bernie!
you bastards!

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