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AAACCKKK NO IT'S NOT WING. There's more then just one Gundam series folks, I wish these people were on the list so they could hear me say that. It aggravates me to no end that people think Gundam and automatically think Wing. I am thankful for Wing for introducing me to the Gundam franchise, but after watching the Gundam Movies, 0080, and 0083, I don't like wing anymore. If you like it, that's of course your prerogative, but after seeing how much they ripped off from the other series, and seeing Char Aznable in action ::drool:: I just can't appreciate the super robot, hero must win attitude of Wing. Sorry for this rant, but I'm done now.

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  Here's a game all the MLers can play. Everybody find the most bizarre Gundam
  merchandise or outrageously misnamed piece of Merchandise. This one I found
  just pisses me off.
  Anyone up to the challenge?

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