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>Wasn't the Gouf also superior to the Gundam? Ilike Gelgoog more and it
>would make a much cooler PG. But Gouf hopefully wouldn't be too far off.

 From the Gelgoog's Profile on Mark's Gundam Project:

The Gelgoog is Zeon's final mass-produced mobile suit, a vicious machine
that rivals the Federation's dreaded Gundam in terms of performance and

That's why people generally accept the Gelgoog as being a superior machine.

Also from the Gouf's Profile on Mark's Gundam Project:

The Gouf is a new ground combat mobile suit designed to replace the aging J
type Zaku II.

It was only meant to replace the Zaku II as a cheap mobile suit.

Ranba got more mileage out of it because he was an Ace :-)

I think it would be better if they made a PG Gelgoog, though.

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