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I must tell you that, if I write "Merry Christmas", is because it is this I hear to say in the most of american films (about this period of the year) imported in my country. I absolutely didn't think to offend anyone, so, please, don't let a space colony drop from the sky upon my head for this reason only. There are surely not catholic persons, but to point the not catholic ones as if they were pagans (if I have understood what you were to mean) doesn't seem to me right. Who is pagan and who is not? Can you tell me this with absolute precision and security? I can't, can you? If you can, come between us, new Zion Zum Daikun and spread your ideas. It will be interesting to see, as sneutral spectator, how the things will go.
To finish (it's Axis the object I see to drop here, or is it an optical illusion?), as you prefer saying so, "Happy Holidays" (what a loss of time).
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> > The best wishes for a merry Christmas from an italian GMLer.
> I'd just like to point out, this is fairly diverse list; I'd like to ask that
> people refrain from saying "Merry Christmas!"
> "Happy Holidays" is more appropriate considering that their are other
> holdiays besides Christmas occuring. Hannukah (already 3 days in!), Kwanzaa,
> and even the Winter Solsitce for the Pagans.
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