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Can I make you a question? Is it really hard the reading a manga from the
right to the left? I don't think so. In Italy, almost the half (no,
something less) of the manga published (and they are really a lot of titles)
are published in such a way. To take the habit of reading as japanese do, is
very fast (a matter of a little minutes; I can't believe that a person can
spend much more to learn).
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> Yes I have all of them, and they are great, English volume 9 (Jap vol 4)
> should be out any time now. Volume 4 will be either 2 or 3 English big
> print editions, and thus will be English volumes 9-10 or 11.
> Volume 1 was English volumes 1-3 (Events in the movie)
> Volume 2 was English volumes 4-5
> Volume 3 was English volumes 6-8
> Also I think it was very bold of them to print the English volumes back to
> Front without flipping the pages. There is a warning in the 'front' of all
> the English volumes not to buy the book if you can't the story going in
> the wrong direction, and the page not being flipped so the artwork is
> presented as the artist intended it to be. This might give you an idea of
> the kind of control Nagano likes to have over his work.

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