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>Well, in the US the translation is up to the end of japanese vol. 3(the US
>release divided 1 vol japanese into 3 I think).

Yes I have all of them, and they are great, English volume 9 (Jap vol 4)
should be out any time now. Volume 4 will be either 2 or 3 English big
print editions, and thus will be English volumes 9-10 or 11.

Volume 1 was English volumes 1-3 (Events in the movie)
Volume 2 was English volumes 4-5
Volume 3 was English volumes 6-8

Also I think it was very bold of them to print the English volumes back to
Front without flipping the pages. There is a warning in the 'front' of all
the English volumes not to buy the book if you can't the story going in
the wrong direction, and the page not being flipped so the artwork is
presented as the artist intended it to be. This might give you an idea of
the kind of control Nagano likes to have over his work.

> > but it seems me I read that Nagano didn't want the
> > other volumes to be published; but I've read about this a little time

The problem was not manga related, Nagano didn't like the Animated
movie they made from the events of Volume 1 (1-3 in English) so he
said he didn't want it re-released, which means for us, no English OVA
and for the Japanese no reprints and or DVDs. Because of this I got
the VCD a few weeks ago. The VCD I got was crappy quality, and it
won't play in my DVD since its a CD-R disc, but it did have English sub
so it wasn't all bad.

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