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i'm part of that .1, i've seen both uc and ac gundam,
at first didn't like either, then i shut up and
watched, i like both, but the real reason i like
gundam wing, is because i enjoy confusion, i like to
watch someones face while they ponder something, i
also love to scare people (i love to terriorize my
hyper, ditsy freind) ok i addmit it, i'm weird, i'm
creul, but in this f-ed up world, can ya blame me, i'm
a gammer, i love rpgs, i hate idiots (76% of the
population, minimum) i'm fu-ked up from head to toe,
i'm me. the man with too may names, the walking
stereotype, gem-knight, and so so many more, so, why
can't we all just get along and dragon shmagon, i got
a plan (famous last words, yes i'm hyper, deal with
it), live with it, move on, next subject.

--- Nicholas Paufler <> wrote:
> Loran, you should know better.
> You may not like Wing (I don't myself), but one
> shouldn't bash it or others
> for liking. All it does is lead to resentment and
> discontent in the Gundam
> community as a whole. You have to remember, 99.9% of
> these new Gundam fans
> who came about because of Wing have _never_ seen a
> UC Gundam series, so they
> have no basis for comparison. Hopefully when First
> Gundam airs next year,
> they'll come around, but if they don't, it's their
> preogitive. They can like
> whatever they want, and you bashing Wing really
> doesn't help the community
> at all.
> Just my $0.02cdn.
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> Subject: [gundam] Gundam Wing fans: avoid
> > Being a 14 year old Gundam Fan that's full of piss
> and Vinegar (Whatever
> > the hell that means) I wrote a long essay
> explaining why UC Gundam is
> > infinitely better than Gundam Wing. If anyone
> wants to read my rantings
> > and insanity, then by all means go to:
> >
> > if that doesn't work that means that ANGELFIRE
> SUCKS!! And it does. but
> > anyhow. It's very Gundam Wing bashing, but I think
> it proves a good point
> > and it's more than simply just "Gundam Wing is
> gay!" It's more in-depth,
> > and I promise that. If you care, please go and
> tell me what you think.
> > Keep in mind the writing style is not as mature as
> it could have been, I
> > just write like that.
> >
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