Sun, 24 Dec 2000 22:05:47 EST

> No! I've checked everywhere! I REALLY want a Virgo/II

Well, let's run down the list:

1. Leo
2. Aries (this will HAVE to come out second)
3. Amphibious suit (Cancer or Pisces, take your pick)
4. Another amphibious suit
5. Tragos (this hopefully will be the best of the series, hope it includes
hover gear with detachable shoulder cannons)
6. Taurus (here's hoping it will be able to transform to fighter mode, and
that the beam cannon hopefully won't be too small or too large)
7. Virgo (ahh, the first true MD, just hope the beam cannon arm isn't too
flimsy or the shoulder pods won't be extremely oversized or undersized)
8. and the Coupe de Grae (I think that's how it goes) the Virgo II

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