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> Does anyone know all the words to the Dreidel Song?
> Thinking of something like,
> Gundam, Gundam,
> We reassembled it on Side 7,
> That's the only part of the tune I know, sorry.

Believe it or not, it's spelled Hanukkah, although some insist that Chanukah is
closer to the original Hebrew word, which means dedication. But you spelled
dreidel correctly and that's what really matters here.

The original words are:

I have a little dreidel,
I made it out of clay.
And when it's dry and ready,
With dreidel I shall play.

Oh Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel,
I made you out of clay,
Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel,
With dreidel I shall play.

Many variations of this song have been done by science students at Harvard,
usually varying the second line:

I have a little dreidel
I made it out of plastic
If someone steals my dreidel
I'll do something very drastic


I had a little dreidel
Whose moment of inertia
Was several factors smaller
Than my uncle's yellow Porsche


My brother took my dreidel
He swallowed it, he said
Since I can't spin my dreidel
I'll spin my bro instead


The position of my dreidel
Is quite hard to derive
Its angular momentum
Is certainly .5


My dear old friend from Harvard
Said no that can't be right
That with 8 bunsen burners
Your Menorah you can't light

I then replied quite quickly
Your knowledge is quite small
For my 8 bunsen burners
Are filled with methanol


My nerdy little dreidel
Said to a course 6-3*
My outcomes are well quantized
I'll do well at MIT


Oh X-mas decorations
For us are quite extraneous
For X-mas isn't Chanukah
Although they're simultaneous


Oh Judas Maccabeus
He fought against the Greeks
A drop of oil lasted
For 1.142857142857142857 [SMACK!] 14 weeks


*Course 6-3 is MIT slang for comp-sci.

I leave it now in your capable hands to craft suitable Gundam variation.


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