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> Hmmm. I'll take up that challenge, Z =)

'Twasn't intended as a challenge. Bait, perhaps. That you for rising to it.

> Gundam, the White Mobile Suit,
> Had a very young pilot,
> And if you ever saw him, you would even say snot nosed.
> All of the Zeon pilots, used to scream and run away,
> They never let poor Gundam, turn them into roaring flames.
> Then one Minovsky filled eve, Noah came to say,
> "Gundam with your snot nosed brat, won't you stop A Bao A Qu tonight."
> Then all the Feddies loved him, as they celebrated victory,
> Gundam the White Mobile Suit, you'll go down in histoooorryyyyy....
> Not perfect, but not bad, IMHO. The middle isn't quite right, and I don't
> actually think Amuro is a snot nosed brat, but you gotta admit, that line
> fits really well =)

Yes, it does. I think the second line is inspired, but you also have to rhyme
with it, which throws the rest into disarray. It's also better form to match
the original as much as possible. For example, you really should cite Christmas
Ever, as that was not only in the song but also the date of the Battle of
Solomon, while A'Bao'A'Qu was New Year's Eve, a bit to late for our purposes.
<cracking knuckles> Okay, let's try this:

Gundam, the White Mobile Suit,
Had a geeky young pilot
And if you ever saw him
You'd swear that he must be a nut

All of the Oldtype captains
Sneered at it and made snide quips
They wouldn't let poor Gundam
Fly with any of their ships

Then one desp'rate Christmas Eve
Reville came to say
"Gundam, with beam saber bright,
Won't you lead Star One tonight?"

Then how the Feddies loved it
And they shouted out with glee
"Gundam, the White Mobile Suit,
You'll go down in history!"


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