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Boo Yah! I went in to my local Toys R' Us today and scored a Tallgeese II,
Ground Leo, and Epyon! Aren't these the three rarest figures?
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> Being a 14 year old Gundam Fan that's full of piss and Vinegar (Whatever
> the hell that means) I wrote a long essay explaining why UC Gundam is
> infinitely better than Gundam Wing. If anyone wants to read my rantings
> and insanity, then by all means go to:
> if that doesn't work that means that ANGELFIRE SUCKS!! And it does. but
> anyhow. It's very Gundam Wing bashing, but I think it proves a good point
> and it's more than simply just "Gundam Wing is gay!" It's more in-depth,
> and I promise that. If you care, please go and tell me what you think.
> Keep in mind the writing style is not as mature as it could have been, I
> just write like that.
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