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> Heero/Epyon, it's cockpit system is virtually identicle ot the AERO
> system whose probability analysis and tactical forcasting capabilities
> border on precognition (it can practically if not literaly see into the
> future) so there is little chance Duo and D-Hell could sneak up on it
> with stealth, in normal operation thier main meleee weapons, beam sword
> and double beam scythe are roughly equal, but Epyon can over-power it's
> sword into a huge beam that can slice several enemy's in one shot, plus
> all the sneaky tricks you can try with that heat rod.. D-Hell is the
> faster mecha though and those armored wings give it a slight defensive
> advantage, it would be close but i still have to go with Epyon,
> especially with a Berzerk Heero at the controls
> -Les
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> "He's a God, it'll take more than one shot."

As much as I hate to admit it you're probably right!

Seiya Kou

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