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> Subj: Re: [gundam] Gundam Wing fans: avoid
> Date: 12/24/2000 2:18:39 PM Central Standard Time
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> Loran, you should know better.
> You may not like Wing (I don't myself), but one shouldn't bash it or others
> for liking. All it does is lead to resentment and discontent in the Gundam
> community as a whole. You have to remember, 99.9% of these new Gundam fans
> who came about because of Wing have _never_ seen a UC Gundam series, so they
> have no basis for comparison. Hopefully when First Gundam airs next year,
> they'll come around, but if they don't, it's their preogitive. They can like
> whatever they want, and you bashing Wing really doesn't help the community
> at all.
> Just my $0.02cdn.
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I'm one of those if I hadn't seen or liked GW I wouldn't be on this ml! :-p*

Seiya Kou

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