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> Being a 14 year old Gundam Fan that's full of piss and Vinegar (Whatever
> the hell that means) I wrote a long essay explaining why UC Gundam is
> infinitely better than Gundam Wing. If anyone wants to read my rantings
> and insanity, then by all means go to:
> if that doesn't work that means that ANGELFIRE SUCKS!! And it does. but
> anyhow. It's very Gundam Wing bashing, but I think it proves a good point
> and it's more than simply just "Gundam Wing is gay!" It's more in-depth,
> and I promise that. If you care, please go and tell me what you think.
> Keep in mind the writing style is not as mature as it could have been, I
> just write like that.
> -

All I have to say is,why "Stand up to the Victory" when "Z, Beyond the Times"
Is so much better!?

Jim Leung

"I don't think mosquito season is the best time to visit Larvae Lake."
-Marge from "The Simpsons"

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