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> [Just the last verse, to save bandwidth]
> On the twelfth day of Christmas Sunrise gave to me
> Twelve Gundam fights
> Eleven angsty newtypes*

Eleven billion people -- population of the Earth Sphere at the start of the One
Year War.

> Ten million models*

Ten million fans?

> Nine UC series

Uh, ten, if you count G-Saviour -- and another is sure to come along soon. How
about "Nine White Base heroes"? (Amuro, Bright, Fra, Hayato, Kai, Mirai, Ryu,
Sayla & Sleggar)

> Eight MS Teams
> Seven Space Wars
> Six Zaku IIs*

Six completed Sides -- Side 7 was never finished, just the Green Noah & Gryps

> Five Wing boys
> Four Murasame
> Three black stars
> Two Neo-Zeons
> And a colony heading straight for me
> *: I couldn't think of something in Gundam that directly related to these.

> [Okay, anyone else got some more?]

Although I haven't looked into doing any verses, I can't help but note that
"Gundam the White Mobile Suit" has the same meter as "Rudolph the Red-Nosed


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