Richie Ramos (
Sun, 24 Dec 2000 19:44:16 +0800

As of this afternoon, Fed DID get the Nu in our christmas party raffle. all
hail Fed and his Sazabi and Nu!

> >Knowing richie, he will. But we'll get to have a first look >into the
> >contents tomorrow when we raid his house for food and old non->Gundam
> Lemme guess, old Nu versus the MG?

you bet your buchonggas, I try as much a spossible to write versus now it will be the Gp01FB 1/144 shootout, and when I get the
Dom tropen, a shootout for that as well. ah, life.

> >There'll also be a raffle there for Benj's MG-Nu. So there'll >be another
> >Pinoy who'll have possession of one through the Xmas break and >could
> a
> >review. Hehe... I'm feeling lucky and hopeful that my big Red >Machine
> >Sazabi) will have a dancing partner soon! ;P

as I said...

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