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>I haven't seen Gundam 0080 yet, but I have some question about >Gundam
>Alex's equipment. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but does the >Alex ever use
>the Beam Rifle and Shield from the 1/144 and 1/100 MG models? I

Nope, the Alex never get's the chance to use these. My theory is that they
were meant to be given to the Alex once it was used by Amuro.

>read on
>Newtype asylum that in the OAV, the Alex never uses the rifle >and shield,
>and these were just added with the models since in the show it >only used
>the forearm gattlings and stuff. Is that so? And also, >mechadomain says
>that the Alex's rifle is powered by an energy cap, but the >model looks
>like it has a clip. Are energy caps and clips the same thing? >(Oy, that
>sounds SO newbie...)

Well, the Alex's beam rifle does have a clip that seems to be an e-pack and
not an e-cap. Why? I don't know. My theory: the thing was a prototypr for
e-pack technology which could explain why it wasn't seen int the OVA, it
wasn't fully operational yet. E-packs are supposed to have been developed
after the ent of the OYW. By 0083, e-packs are standard on the GP01/GP03
use beam rifles. This could mean that the Feds wanted to test
e-pack technology on the NT-1 Alex.

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