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>> Richie,
>> How much did you get the MG Nu Gundam for? Where did you get >it?

>Hey Franz - pinoy ka diba? Are you from here or abroad?


>I believe Richie got it at Best toys in Virra Mall Greenhills. >They
>get the mecha models almost a week after it gets released in >Japan.

Although some of their stuff is a bit overpriced. Not sure about some of
the models but I got some of my EVA toys at cheaper price somewhere on the
third floor.

>Will you
> write a review?

>Knowing richie, he will. But we'll get to have a first look >into the
>contents tomorrow when we raid his house for food and old non->Gundam kits.

Lemme guess, old Nu versus the MG?

>There'll also be a raffle there for Benj's MG-Nu. So there'll >be another
>Pinoy who'll have possession of one through the Xmas break and >could write
>review. Hehe... I'm feeling lucky and hopeful that my big Red >Machine (aka
>Sazabi) will have a dancing partner soon! ;P

>Hehe Richie... just got that rare Mikimoto book I always wanted >with all
>Gundam illos. I'll bring it tomorrow along with with my AIC >book featuring
>mecha lineart of classics like Dangaioh and Madox!

>mwahhahahahah! :P


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