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point, but what i prefer about Epyon is it's Bem Sword.. i've always had
a thing for the beam-blade weapons but have thought the biggest
hindaranc for them was thier limited duration, Epyon's beam sword is
directly connected to the Gundam's generators so it not only is
increadibly powerfull but is an unlimited use weapon as well


Jose Luis S Manalansan,IV wrote:
> I'm not dissing Epyon since I haven't seen every move of Virsago but I'm the type that prefers balanced MS/MF/MD to specialized front or longrange MS/MF/MD.
> If you liked Epyon's design check out Gundam Aquarius(SDGGGen F only mech but images may be available in other sites). It comes with 2x heat rods & can launch a jamming system/comp virus to a large radius that can affect Mobile Dolls (MD) & its also capable of flight. Its probably Treize's answer to MD technology.
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> >hey, don't go dissing Treize-Sama's ultimate deuling Mobile Suit ;), i
> >happen to think it had one of the best designed melee weapons of any
> >gundam series.. and didn't Vrisago also have Dragon-fang like claws?
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> >-Les
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