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I'm not dissing Epyon since I haven't seen every move of Virsago but I'm the type that prefers balanced MS/MF/MD to specialized front or longrange MS/MF/MD.

If you liked Epyon's design check out Gundam Aquarius(SDGGGen F only mech but images may be available in other sites). It comes with 2x heat rods & can launch a jamming system/comp virus to a large radius that can affect Mobile Dolls (MD) & its also capable of flight. Its probably Treize's answer to MD technology.

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>hey, don't go dissing Treize-Sama's ultimate deuling Mobile Suit ;), i
>happen to think it had one of the best designed melee weapons of any
>gundam series.. and didn't Vrisago also have Dragon-fang like claws?


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