Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Sat, 23 Dec 00 22:51:26 -0500

I haven't seen Gundam 0080 yet, but I have some question about Gundam
Alex's equipment. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but does the Alex ever use
the Beam Rifle and Shield from the 1/144 and 1/100 MG models? I read on
Newtype asylum that in the OAV, the Alex never uses the rifle and shield,
and these were just added with the models since in the show it only used
the forearm gattlings and stuff. Is that so? And also, mechadomain says
that the Alex's rifle is powered by an energy cap, but the model looks
like it has a clip. Are energy caps and clips the same thing? (Oy, that
sounds SO newbie...)

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