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> I'ts referred to as "parade colors" since the RX-78-2 Gundam was colored
> like this to be paraded or something to boost morale. The color scheme
> stuck since the Zeon were kinda wary of the "white mobile suit" and the
> Gunhdam became sort of a legend during and after the One Year War.

This is actually a very good rationalization for the white, blue, yellow and red
color scheme of TV series Gundams. It's based on actual Air Force practice of
rolling out aircraft in special color schemes intended to set the tone for the
press coverage and subsequent civilian review. The F-15 Eagle and F-16 Fighting
Falcon were rolled out in Bicentennial red, white and blue parade colors that
are very similar to the Gundam color scheme.

You also see distinctive parade colors on air show squadrons, such as the
Thunderbirds and Blue Angles in America and the Snow Birds in Canada.

This should not be confused with team colors, used in competitions between
squadrons, such as Top Gun and William Tell, or joint operations, such as Team
Spirit and Cope Thunder. These tend to be minor additions to the standard color
scheme and confined to the tail, wing tips and nose of the aircraft, rather than
full-body themes like the parade colors.


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