Sat, 23 Dec 2000 07:03:22 EST

Well, in the US the translation is up to the end of japanese vol. 3(the US
release divided 1 vol japanese into 3 I think).

> Let's say that at least in the European countries (I know about an english
> edition of first volume, but it seems me I read that Nagano didn't want the
> other volumes to be published; but I've read about this a little time ago,
> perhaps tey have been solved meanwhile) he absolutely doesn't want his work
> (FSS) to be published. If I remember well the film (something more than an
> hour) had been released by Manga Video ((british Manga Video), the
> character design was by the great Nobuteru Yuki (the one who was the chara
> designer for Record of Lodoss War OAV series, but I'm not much sure that he
> has worked on Lodoss too)
> Alessandro

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