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That's cool Michael. So I guess what you wanted to know was if there was
also a Jegan in the F91 line, right?
I just which that they cast it in a better color plastic:(
Gus Jae
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> <<The Jegan was never produced in the F91 line, only the CCA line. This
> not to say that the Jegan did not appear in F91. You might still be able
> get one through HLJ or R10. But be forewarned, the kit is not that great,
> in fact, the worst of that line IMO. And if you are use to HGUC or MG
> be prepare to do a lot more work.
> As for the resin parts, you will need a lot more luck finding them. They
> came out somewhere in the early 90s, and cost about 2-3 times the price of
> the plastic kit itself.>>
> I have the CCA Jegan,it was very easy. I am used to doing tons of work on
> models.Just thought I should say that.
> Michael
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