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I'ts referred to as "parade colors" since the RX-78-2 Gundam was colored
like this to be paraded or something to boost morale. The color scheme
stuck since the Zeon were kinda wary of the "white mobile suit" and the
Gunhdam became sort of a legend during and after the One Year War.

>Most Gundam's, including the UC ones, have some some red, blue >and yellow
>coloring on them, as most are one shot prototypes designed to >test out
>various weapons, systems, etc., to be possibly used by the mass >produced
>I assume they either didn't have time to repaint them or as the >5 Gundam
>pilots all seem a little crazy, espcially Heero, the pilots >didn't care
>about the color. :) Just because they have time to repair the >Gundam's,
>doesn't mean they have time for a piant job, ya know? :)
>For the original RX-78 Gundam, from First Gundam, I thi

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