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> in AP Physics, i learned that fusion reactions yield
> two (2) gamma photons, and fission reactions yield
> neutron radiation. in the gundam project, it says that
> normal fusion reactions yield neutron. can that be
> right?

What was being fused in your Physics fusion reaction example? The most
"traditional" or "normal" fusion reaction of which I'm aware is the
deuterium/tritium reaction:

D (1H2) + T (1H3) -> He (2He4) + neutron + 17.6MeV (1 eV = 1.6022E-19 joules)

By way of comparison, the helium-3/deuterium reaction used in Gundam yields

By an interesting coincidence, the first large-scale experimental fusion device
on which British physicists worked during the 1940s and 1950s, housed in a
hangar at Harwell University, was called the Zero Energy Toroidal Assembly ...

Then there's solar fusion. Fusion in the sun is believed to occur in steps.
Four protons produce one He4 atom, two positrons, and two neutrinos. The first
two steps shown below must occur twice before the third step takes place:

1H1 + 1H1 -> D (1H2) + positron + neutrino

1H1 + D (1H2) -> 2He3

2He3 + 2He3 -> 2He4 + 1H1 + 1H1

Could this be what you had in mind?


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