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The Jegan was never produced in the F91 line, only the CCA line. This is
not to say that the Jegan did not appear in F91. You might still be able to
get one through HLJ or R10. But be forewarned, the kit is not that great,
in fact, the worst of that line IMO. And if you are use to HGUC or MG kits,
be prepare to do a lot more work.
As for the resin parts, you will need a lot more luck finding them. They
came out somewhere in the early 90s, and cost about 2-3 times the price of
the plastic kit itself.

Gus Jae
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> <<B-club released conversion parts for the CCA jegan. Forgot how much it
> cost. Only for the J and M type. They didn't make one for the S? type -
> missile launcher on the arm/the team leader.>>
> ok, you know where I can get it?
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