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>> I was looking at some resin kits on and I decided to
>> look at Five Star Story kits even though I have no idea what Five Star
>> Story is. Does anyone know what it is? It has some kick ass Mecha
>> Designs. Is this a show, manga, OAV or what? Is it any good? And lastly,
>> where can I see it?
> It's a looooong series of OAV's (and rightly so, the series spans over 5000
> years), and there's currently a manga serial of it, in Newtype Magazine I
> think. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, has a great story, it
> looks like it takes place back in 100 B.C., with the exception of a few
> mansions and all the great mechanical designs. It's easily Nagano's #1
> masterpiece, I highly recommend it. I have no idea where you can find it,
> tho'. I found my copies with pure luck in some anime store clearance sale.
> Try scouring some fansubbers sites.

Sigh. There are no FSS OVAs. There was one short film (double billed with
another anime feature, not uncommon in Japan). Originally, it's a manga
series in 8 or 9 volumes (unfinished) serialized in Newtype magazine.
Approximately the first three volumes have been serialized as 8 magazines by
Nagano's publisher (Toys Press) in English, available at Kinokuniya stores
in major cities in the US. I get mine in Manhattan.

There is some resemblence of FSS to Heavy Metal L-Gaim, an anime series from
1984 which Nagano also worked on.

The guy's a musician and fashion designer, too, and is one of the few manga
artists who's a well known celebrity outside of cartoon circles.

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