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> has anyone else thought that the bright reds and yellows on the mobile
suits in gundam wing were kinda stupid?

When your designing Gundams for a series, there's one basic aspect you
can't ignore: toy sales. Bright reds and yellows make for eye-catching toys
on the shelf, and this was a major factor for every televised version of
Gundam, up to and including Turn-A and Wing. Wing got a double-dose of the
"toy-factor" since many of the Gundams were inspired by G-Gundam designs, a
series meant for a decidedly younger audience. You may notice that OVA
Gundams, while still a little guady, will generally more subdued paint
schemes (the Alex, the GP series). This is true of Endless Waltz, as well,
where even the over-stylized* Nataku gets a more subdued green body. OVA
rely more on an already existing fan-base, not toy sales, to support the
series, and the mecha are geared more toward models than toys, and can
affored a more practical look.


*I ((do)) understand the irony of calling any peer of the Wing Zero Custom
"over-stylized", but at least the Wing didn't build it's main weapon around
the image of dragon heads.

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