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>I was looking at some resin kits on and I decided to
>look at Five Star Story kits even though I have no idea what Five Star
>Story is. Does anyone know what it is? It has some kick ass Mecha
>Designs. Is this a show, manga, OAV or what? Is it any good? And lastly,
>where can I see it?


Five Star Stories was originally a serial published in Newtype magazine,
written and drawn by fashion/graphic-designer-turned-mecha-designer Mamoru
Nagano. His first major series was Heavy Metal L-Gaim,

where he worked ostensibly as the mecha designer. However, the
Tomino-directed series featured mecha, plot concepts, and character
archetypes that would become central to Five Star Stories. Nagano also
created (& refined) mecha for ZZ Gundam (the Bawoo was his baby), and had
some influence on character design as well. His most recent design work
includes Brain Powerd and Schell Bullet.

The original FSS manga serial was collected in Eight volumes, and I think
Nagano's published new chapters since. Unfortunately, the only animation
for FSS was a film, little more than an hour long, that only showed the
events of one volume (III, I believe). Rumour has it that the FSS movie had
to share it's budget with Wings of Honemaisse(sp), and Wings got the lion's
share. The good news is that Nagano has published the original 8-volume
manga in english himself, sparing fans american editorial treatment.
Although it's somewhat out of date, you can find info on the english
translation here:

Here's the main page:

And here's a really good english website:


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