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It is a manga and a film (I don't remember if it is a OAV series too), the
author of the manga is Mamoru Nagano and he is not interested to make
publishing his work (Five star storiea, I mean) in other countries but the
Japan (at least it is so till this moment). Probably you will be able to
find the FSS' film (if this can make you happy, and it will be so); anyway
the manga is about 7-8 volumes long till this moment.
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> I was looking at some resin kits on and I decided to
> look at Five Star Story kits even though I have no idea what Five Star
> Story is. Does anyone know what it is? It has some kick ass Mecha
> Designs. Is this a show, manga, OAV or what? Is it any good? And lastly,
> where can I see it?
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