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>in AP Physics, i learned that fusion reactions yield
>two (2) gamma photons, and fission reactions yield
>neutron radiation. in the gundam project, it says that
>normal fusion reactions yield neutron. can that be

Is the fusion reaction you're talking about the traditional
Hydrogen-Deuterium reaction (which gives He-3 with gamma radiation)? I
don't think those are feasible (low temperatures ie economically).

The other popular reaction is the Deuterium-Tritium reaction (but I'm not
sure why - anyone care to enlighten?) which does produce neutrons.

>can minovsky particles block visible light? no right?
>then laser can be used as a detection and tracking
>method right?

It probably could be used as a short-range detection, but it probably could
be countered easily - light-scattering aerosols would render this technique
ineffective, in essence "cloaking" the MS in question.

>the alex has 360 degree panoramic camera right? where
>are the sideway looking camera? why do the gp01 and
>gp02 not feature the 360 degree view?

The GP01 didn't include this because it was still using the Core Fighter
that the original Gundam had - it couldn't incorporate the panoramic camera
with 0083's technology (it could however do it 0089 where the ZZ's core
fighter had a panoramic camera IIRC)

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