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Only partly, Macross was the UN Spacy. UNT does seem to indicate United
Nations Terra. Macross was just a future extension of the UN, and it was the
name for the world government that restored the alien overtech vessel and
began the look out for the aliens that sent it.

In Gundam UNT seems to be interchangeable with Earth Federation, either way
it represents the majority of land based governments. (Was there any conon
to establish if ALL nations within the atmosphere were united, or were there
hold outs?? I know Jion occupied areas, and some places sympathized with
their cause, but was the official face of earth united, or was it just
mostly united?)

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>Wasn't UNT Spacy "borrowed" from Macross?
>Joaquin Torres
>Peter Carranza wrote:
>> I thought that UNT Spacy stood for United Nations of Terra Space forces
>> (spac-y like arm-y and nav-y), but maybe that's from somewhere else...
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