Joaquin Torres (
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 23:34:19 -0500

Well, I would think that the products of either of these two nuclear
reactions would depend on the initial reactants and the respective
intermediate reactions.

This looks like a job for Super-Z-!

Joaquin Torres

Nathan Le wrote:

> sorry...
> in AP Physics, i learned that fusion reactions yield
> two (2) gamma photons, and fission reactions yield
> neutron radiation. in the gundam project, it says that
> normal fusion reactions yield neutron. can that be
> right?
> can minovsky particles block visible light? no right?
> then laser can be used as a detection and tracking
> method right?
> the alex has 360 degree panoramic camera right? where
> are the sideway looking camera? why do the gp01 and
> gp02 not feature the 360 degree view?
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