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They are too many vets around for the list to turn into GWML. By the way,
I just what to say thx to all those vets, I have been on the list for 2-3
years and have learnt more stuff than going to school...... Remember the
days when Probe was around? Bloody hell, that's ages ago - less flames in
those days.

The point of this mail is to warn the newbies: try not to discuss whether
UC or AC is better, we had plenty of fights around because of that.

Gundam EZEight wrote:

> that is a small thing to put up with to access the
> vast world of Gundam. Plus that is why i don't like
> Wing: to many ideas...
> --- wrote:
> > No offense intended of course but after searching
> > for Mech Images from wing
> > and finding homosexually suggestive images
> > supposedly drawn by female viewers
> > in Japan I uhh, how do I put this, lost interest.
> > Trey
> >
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