Thu, 21 Dec 2000 18:36:16 -0800

Nicholas Paufler wrote:
> Given the PVC plastic that MSiA's are made of, is there any kind of paint
> that you can use to repaint them? Or for that matter, has anyone tried to
> repaint 'em?
> With the Wing MSiA's being so cheap, it might be fun to pick up a couple and
> go nuts with some repainting and customizations ... especially once they go
> into pegwarmer mode and stores start clearing them out dirt cheap =) (you'd
> better believe that I'll be buying hordes of them when they drop to a couple
> of bucks each ;p)

I don't see why you couldn't. It'd be the same as painting a vinyl/pvc
figure kit. I'd recommend using acrylic paints - they won't have any
adverse effects on the vinyl/pvc like traditional enamel model paints

        Trevor in California

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