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I'm quite taken with the Amuro Rei/Kabala color scheme that appeared on the
Jafcon Exclusive MSiA Zeta. Basically the same overall scheme, except the
dark blue is replaced by a lighter blue camoflage pattern, the shield is
done in white with lightblue and yellow detailing, along with a few other
slight changes. If I can ever find the HG Zeta for a decent price
(Regardless of how bad a kit it may be) I'm going to grab one so I can try
that scheme.
Check the newtype asylum's MSiA list for a picture of it in package, and
maybe someone on the GML can point you to loose pictures so you can see it
from all angles.

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> Ok I'm gonna be getting a PG Zeta(Finally one of my deals went through!) > but I really don't want to do it in the normal paint scheme. I've seen > that one Zeta done in a orange white paint scheme this one guy in Japan > did and it was pretty sweet. So I know there are some other varients in > color schemes for the Zeta so I was wondering if anyone knew of a site > with all the color scheme variations for the Zetas so I can possibly > have another option for painting. Hmmm hope this wasn't TOO confusing > :( > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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