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I was wondering, GM vs VF-1A or Zaku vs VF-1A, who would win (if we gave
them equal pilots)?

>1. Norris Packard in a Gouf Flight Type vs Max Stirling in VF-1J
Norris I believe since, IMHO the Gouf is superior to the Valkyrie. Packerd
could just latch on to the Valkyrie and waste it. Also, it has larger
rounds than the valkyrie so...
>2. Char in a Zaku vs Zechs in Tallgeese
>3. Usso in V2 Gundam vs Amuro in Nu Gundam
>4. Amuro in YF-19 vs Guld in YF-21 (Macross Plus)
Amuro since he's a newtype.
>5. Shrike Team in GunEZs vs Fairy Squadron in Macross 2 >Valkyries (don't
>know the code number)
Faery Squadron since the Shrike Team would all dioe dramatic deaths.
>6. Norris Packard in a Gouf vs Gato in a Gelgoog
Depends where, I would believe that Norris would fare better in the ground
than in space. Then gain it'd have to be ground sice Norris is using the
Gouf, my vote goes to him.

>7. Amuro vs Heero in a fencing match

>8. Amuro, Camille, Shinji, D-Boy/Blade/Slade (Tekkaman Blade, >aka
Teknoman), and Angel in an angsting contest
Shinji wins hands down, everybody else just undergoes chatracter
>9. Red Comet vs Red Baron: Char Aznable vs Manfred von >Richthoffen in
>equal WWI aircraft (I don't know much about the aircraft of >this era -
>would they use?)
It would seem that the nly thing that Char can pilot is an MS so I don't
really know if he'd have a chance. Then again, he is a newtype so that
could ba an advantage.
>10. Shogo Yahagi (Megazone 23) in a Garland vs Scott Bernard
>(Mospeada/Robotech) in a Cyclone vs Priss (BGC) in a Motorslave

Andrew Dynon

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